Applying Identity Provider across Tenup Product Suite


IDP Up Time


Development cost reduced per


Compatible with OpenID, OAuth 2.x integrations

Eases Through Growth Pains with Keycloak Single Sign-On

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TenUp needed a robust identity management system that allows our clients to register with one TenUp application and use the same credentials to access multiple applications of TenUp product suite. Redhat Keycloak enabled us to seamlessly integrate all our products and cost-effectively perform identity management from a centralized dashboard.

The Business Need

The company required a robust solution that can support a big product line by which not a single application but multiple modules can be served ondemand and satisfy the needs of the enterprise. A single/highly available centralized Identity provider that satisfy all needs of Identity management functions across the product portfolio was needed.


  • It should centrally manage complex identity management functions such as registration,terms & condition, audit of user activity etc
  • Handle User Operations and Subscription
  • Tenant Application Registration
  • Identify The Best Suited IDP


  • Extended Keycloak as per the need.
  • Integrated Keycloak REST API
  • Configure Keycloak on High Availability

Business Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Productivity and Single Sign On
  • Simplified IT Management
  • Enterprise Grade IDP


By adopting open source IDP, TenUp is able to seamlessly integrate all its products into a single suite and successfully deliver them over the cloud in one year. The central IDP system enables TenUp users to register once and access all authorized products using the same credentials. Most importantly, the company was able to maintain an SLA of 99.9% uptime.

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