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We breathe life into complex business solutions, fueled by cutting-edge technology and technical prowess. Empower your innovation with bespoke solutions from TenUp's Artificial Engineering services.

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At the heart of our Artificial Intelligence Solutions lies a dedication to delivering complex business solutions backed by technical expertise. Our team of skilled AI engineers, data scientists, and machine learning specialists work in harmony to breathe life into innovative ideas and turn them into reality.

Powered by state-of-the-art algorithms and advanced machine learning models, our AI solutions offer unparalleled insights and foresight, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. We understand that every business is unique, which is why our AI Engineering experts craft tailor-made solutions that align precisely with your needs and objectives.

Work in progress

ML Model Development and Deployment

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    Custom Model Development

    Designing and developing custom machine learning models that cater to your unique needs.

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    Monitoring and Maintenance

    Monitoring solutions, periodic model updates, and maintenance services to keep your models running at their best performance levels.

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    Model Training and Optimization

    Fine-tuning models to optimize parameters and hyperparameters for peak performance and accuracy.

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    Model Testing and Validation

    Rigorous testing and validation are critical to ensure the reliability of machine learning models.

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    Deployment and Integration

    Seamless integration into your production environment, ensuring a smooth transition from development to real-world applications.

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    Data Preprocessing and Cleaning

    Comprehensive data preprocessing and clearing services, ensuring your data is transformed into a suitable format and making it ready for training.

Work in progress

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

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    Custom NLP Solutions

    Tailored NLP models for your specific language processing (NLP) systems and applications to meet the needs of your particular organization.

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    Text Preprocessing and Cleaning

    Cleaning and normalizing text by removing punctuation, converting to lowercase, and handling special characters to make it suitable for analysis.

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    Sentiment Analysis

    Determining the emotional tone of text, indicating whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.

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    Language Translation

    Translating text from one language to another while preserving the meaning.

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    Named Entity Recognition (NER)

    Identifying and classifying entities like names, dates, locations, and organizations in text.

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    Chatbot Development

    Create interactive and intelligent chatbots for seamless customer interactions.

Computer Vision Services

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    Feature Extraction

    Identify and extract meaningful patterns, edges, textures, and other distinctive features from images

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    Image Classification

    Categorize images into predefined classes or categories.

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    Facial Recognition

    Identify and verify individuals based on facial features.

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    Image Segmentation

    Segment images into meaningful regions for analysis.

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    OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

    Extract text from images or scanned documents.

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    Pose Estimation

    Determine the pose or position of objects or people in images.

Managed AI Services on the Cloud

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    Data Storage and Management

    Secure and scalable storage solutions for managing large volumes of data required for AI training and inference.

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    AutoML (Automated Machine Learning)

    Simplify the process of automating feature engineering, algorithm selection, and hyperparameter tuning.

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    Data Preprocessing and Transformation

    Services for data cleansing, preprocessing, and transformation to prepare data for AI model training.

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    AI Model Training and Deployment

    Infrastructure and tools for training AI models on distributed computing resources and deploying them as APIs for real-time inference.

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    Speech and Audio Recognition

    Services for converting speech to text, speaker recognition, and audio analysis.

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    Data Analytics and Insights

    AI-powered analytics and data visualization tools to derive meaningful insights from large datasets.

Cloud-based Deep Learning Services

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    Deep Learning Model Hosting

    Infrastructure and APIs for hosting trained deep learning models, making them accessible for real-time inference and predictions.

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    Deep Learning Model Training

    Distributed computing resources and tools for training complex deep learning models on large datasets, with support for GPU acceleration.

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    Deep Learning Framework Support

    Integration with popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras, providing flexibility and ease of development.

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    Hyperparameter Optimization

    Optimize hyperparameters of deep learning models for improved performance and generalization.

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    Model Versioning and Management

    Manage multiple versions of deep learning models, enabling easy rollback and comparison of model performance.

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    Custom Deep Learning Solutions

    LTailored deep learning solutions developed by experts to address specific business needs and challenges.

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Frequently asked questions

What techniques are employed for model optimization?

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Our experts employ fine-tuning and hyperparameter optimization techniques to maximize model performance and accuracy.We ensure that rigorous testing and validation processes are conducted to ensure models perform reliably across different scenarios.

Can you develop custom NLP solutions for specific tasks?

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Yes, we offer custom NLP solutions tailored to meet your organization's specific language processing needs. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and platforms to make use of large learning models and advanced AI engineering to create bespoke solutions.

How does pose estimation benefit applications like augmented reality?

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Pose estimation determines the position and orientation of objects or people in images, crucial for overlaying virtual objects in AR experiences.

What level of transparency and interpretability can I expect from AI models developed by your team?

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We prioritize model interpretability and can provide explanations for model predictions to ensure transparency and build trust in the results.

What is AI engineering, and how does it differ from AI development?

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AI engineering involves the design, development, and implementation of AI solutions, encompassing the entire process from data preparation to model deployment. It differs from AI development, which primarily focuses on building the AI algorithms and models.

What data do I need to provide for AI model development?

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Our artificial Intelligence engineering team will work with you to determine the necessary data sources. It may include historical data, real-time streams, or external datasets.

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