Launch Your MVP In 12 Weeks

Whatever you need, we can build it. We offer a complete suite of solutions that we can design, develop, and deploy into your operating environment— ASAP

Supercharge your MVP development

From fine-tuning your idea to market research, design, iteration, and launch, all in 12 weeks. Give wings to your million-dollar ideas by saving precious development and validation time. We empower businesses to quickly build and launch their beta products in 10-12 weeks based on business concepts and marketing strategy, with your own dedicated virtual CTO office.

Accelerate go-to-market with a fully functional product

Launching your dream start-up is an exciting but somewhat daunting process. After all, you are implementing new concepts and ideas, creating a unique product or service. It can be a challenging, lonely and scary path. To launch a product that is successful not only on paper but also in practice, it is important to get early stage feedback, testing and validation so that you can pivot or change gears if need be. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all yourself.

A great implementation partner for your MVP can do all the heavy lifting and build the MVP within weeks from start to launch, while the founders can focus on the core business activities whether it is business development, pitches, raising funding or networking.

An MVP or minimal viable product is an efficient way to test the waters quickly before investing too many resources into the project. MVP is a simple prototype of the product with core features and functionality to verify and validate the product and see if it gets the approval.

An implementation partner can help you translate your business idea into a product, from concept to design and development, testing, and launch. At TenUp Software we have helped numerous businesses conceptualise, develop and launch high quality software products and enable you to take them to market.

In the last three years we have created and launched substantial no of MVPs, with several of them raising follow-on funds. Domain experts with innovative product ideas can rely on TenUp’s expertise to build a software MVP in 8-10 weeks.

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How it works


1. Concept review

A quick review and analysis of your business idea, your target customers and their pain points to evaluate the alignment and improve the scope.

2. MVP Scope

Identify the core features and functions for your product and its scope.

3. Design customer flows

Conceptualising incredible customer journeys for the product and give it wings with awesome visual elements.


6. Road-mapping

We support you throughout the launch and product roadmap process until you are ready to take the product to your internal teams.

5. Build the MVP

Build a fully functional MVP to launch in the market and build momentum.

4. Build a prototype

Creating a clickable prototype to get early feedback from domain experts and inner circle.

We knew we had to deploy cutting-edge technology to transform our business, but we didn’t even know where to start. Tenup helped us crisply define our challenges and opportunities, and showed us how enterprise applications could address each. We finally feel confident we’re moving in the right direction, and that we have the right partner to take us there.

Aaron Sperling: CEO & CTO: vFlyer

How is TenUp different from other product development vendors?

Tech startups need quality above all. TenUp’s product team boasts of vetted and experienced designers, product managers, developers, QA and business analysts, not simply developers.

Our founders and core team members have spearheaded product companies and startups before. The team does not only take care of technology but also offers insights on best practices for product, design, UX, go-to-market and blitzscaling.

What you get is not just product development but also experience and wisdom of the entire team in building and executing successful tech startups.

1. Fully functional product in 10-12 weeks

Share your great idea and our team will work with you to ship an MVP in 10-12 weeks.

2. MVP Consultancy

Consult with TenUp’s founders and CTO to fine-tune your MVP idea from prioritising the right features to creating market differentiation.

3. Dedicated, in-house MVP team

Your own dedicated team that manages the full lifecycle end-to-end, including infrastructure management right from creating the environment to provisioning, to deployment and maintenance.

4. Customer-centric expertise

TenUp’s technical acumen and expertise in MVP development means we understand what customers want and expect from products.

5. Core MVP experience

We have a proven track record of building MVPs giving us a distinct competitive advantage

6. Virtual CTO office

CTO advisory services for your product/startup to lead and guide your product with technical finesse

7. Get speed and scale

We use an agile and iterative framework for product development to help you meet your goals.

8. One-stop shop

TenUp has a full team of rockstar designers, skilled developers, and meticulous testers to help launch the product from design to launch.

9. Product validation by real users

We use data and analytics both quantitative and qualitative based on real user feedback to inform our product roadmap

10. Support

We extend support not just for the launch but until you are ready with a full team to take ownership of the product.

Frequently asked questions

How much time does MVP development take?

While each product and their feature-set differ vastly, usually MVP development takes around 1-3 months.

Why Agile framework for MVP development?

Just as the name suggests, the agile framework thrives on simplicity and agility. Incremental changes can be made faster using this model based on feedback. The incremental and iterative approach speeds up the entire product development lifecycle.

What technologies do you use?

We use a diverse and wide range of technology stack to build the MVP based on the requirements and the domain.

What are the key characteristics of an MVP?

The three defining criteria for MVP are as follows:

  • It provides enough value that customers are willing to use it or buy it initially
  • It shows adequate future benefits to attract and retain early adopters
  • It has a feedback mechanism to capture feedback and guide future development
How can I monitor and supervise the team working on my MVP?

We believe in complete transparency, communication and collaboration. In addition, we use project management and collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Teams. Our teams will be constantly in touch with you to share daily progress and updates.

Where can I deploy my MVP?

At TenUp we not only help you design, build and launch your MVP in 12 weeks, we also take care of the infrastructure and provisioning so that all you need to worry about is showcasing your product. We choose the best fit managed PaaS option for the MVP whether it's AWS, Google Cloud Engine or Heroku.

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