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We can give you more than just another gig. We can give you a full career— working on the projects you love, and developing the skills you desire, while you collaborate with other smart, driven developers just like you on Agile-driven cutting-edge technology projects.

At the moment, we are looking for world-class software developers and engineers who are keen to deploy their proven problem-solving skills to crack complex algorithms, conquer hackathons, and solve our clients’ impossible problems. If you have excellent analytical skills, a background in Object-Oriented Design Principles, and expertise in our preferred platforms and technologies, then email us today about our open positions.

Run by Developers, for Developers

We built Tenup to work best for people like you. We were tired of the normal corporate structure, and wanted to create a streamlined firm where everyone could focus on what they enjoy most— building great software to solve big problems. At Tenup, you will experience:


Stop wasting your time supporting legacy tech. At Tenup, you will work on next-generation software projects including writing Distributed Real-Time Applications, deploying Cloud Computing solutions (including AWS, Azure, and Google), and performing lots of UI/UX work.

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Modern Project Management

Stop getting stuck in slow-moving Waterfall projects. We at TenUp follow the industry’s current best-practices for software development, including Extreme Programming, Agile Methodology, Lean Project Management, Test-Driven Development, and DevOps.

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Flat Organizational Structure

Stop getting railroaded by bad bosses. At TenUp, you will be surrounded by peers, not politics. You will find everyone easy-to-approach—including the firm’s leadership—and you will effortlessly connect with a team of motivated and highly-skilled professionals who are there to help you at all times.

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Accelerated Professional Development

Stop paying for your own ongoing education. At TenUp, you will gain a partner dedicated to driving your career path forward. You will take advantage of multiple company-initiated and financially-supported learning initiatives that will continuously improve your skills in valuable, quantifiable ways.

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True Work / Life Balance

Stop giving up your life to a corporate IT department. At TenUp, you will regain control over your life. You will enjoy our flexible leave and vacation policies and receive the constant support of our employee-friendly HR policies that will comply with the labour laws of your country.

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Our Core Values

We built Tenup to put our team members first in every decision. We offer an environment where smart people can complete good work. We do away with a lot of the unproductive elements of corporate IT structures, and give our people a flat organization led by a stable, involved, and easily-accessible management team. We provide our people with a steady stream of interesting, challenging, cutting-edge technology projects, and we give them the time, space, and attention to deliver great work on their responsibilities.

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