Our Leadership Team

Leading By Example

We are an engineer-first organization, and that begins with our leadership team. Our leaders have over four decades of experience in designing, developing, and deploying enterprise-grade applications. They continue to contribute hands-on work and direct involvement in every Tenup project, and remain easily-accessible to both our clients and our team members. They leverage their experience, knowledge, and oversight to ensure every Tenup project delivers a game-changing product for our clients.

Kaushal Parikh

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Kaushal has acted as CEO of TenUp since its inception in 2018. Previously, he worked as COO of a major U.S.-based multinational company, where he managed all of their internal operations in India, and performed core technical architecture and project overview responsibilities for their key projects. Kaushal took the skills he developed in this position, and used them to build TenUp.

At Tenup, Kaushal continues to manage internal operations, while also creating the company’s vision, strategy, and plan for its ongoing growth. He leads the firm’s marketing and sales activities, while also taking responsible for their marquee project’s delivery. Over his career, he has developed significant experience developing, designing, integrating, and managing enterprise-class application development projects across multiple verticals.

Moti Prajapati

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Moti runs most of Tenup’s internal operations. He acts as our primary administrative lead, our head of HR, and our CFO. That means he wears a lot of different hats— on any given day he will coordinate with vendors, manage financials, and drive our company policies, recruitment efforts, and training initiatives.

At the same time, Moti continues to act as our lead project delivery manager on a few of our biggest projects. He brings an extensive background in enterprise web & mobile application development. He specializes in Java platforms, and has led the design and development on multiple enterprise-class software projects across industries including finance and recruiting.

Zuber Bhatuk

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Officially, Zuber is our lead project delivery manager. He makes sure every TenUp project meets its requirements and is delivered on time. Unofficially, Zuber is our tech guru. Any time a TenUp project runs into a bottleneck, Zuber will swoop in and save it.

Zuber brings an extensive technical background to TenUp, as well as a keen interest in algorithms, system analysis & design, and performance optimization. In particular, he likes to develop complex problem solving approaches, design large scale integrations, and perform accurate capacity planning. In addition, he carries a lot of experience planning and running 24x7x365 (L1 through L3) technical support operations.

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