Apply Military grade security with SplitKey Cryptography


More user trust & secured


Chance of data get accessed by hackers


Reusable component

Rising to the occasion with an AWS-based app

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iQabinet offers its users a way to easily share documents with professional providers, receive alerts about any changes to their accounts, and co-manage their family’s important information.

The Business Need

As such, product’s security is the most critical requirement for iQabinet operations. iQabinet wanted to encrypt all the data corresponding to the user that includes files and db records in a way that even if the data was compromised or the data is put into the public network, no one can decode/decrypt or read it. They want to implement an algorithm called Split Key Cryptography to handle this.


  • Which cryptography algorithm should we use?
  • How to split key password into two parts?
  • How to make sure that the Shareable-Key is delivered to the user?
  • How we can improve login experience?
  • How to manage centralized cryptographic operations for DB Read/Write?
  • How to store/retrieve documents securely?


  • Amalgamation of RSA and AES
  • Breaking user password into recoverable parts
  • Shipping shareable-key to user
  • Aspect Oriented way
  • Multi factor User Login

Business Benefits

  • More user trust results in more business.
  • No one can SUE the company even when data gets hacked.
  • Independently Sell Split Key solution to businesses.


By implementing TenUp Split Key Cryptography and making use of the company’s specialized expertise, iQabinet was able to apply military grade security to its centralized database management system. With the tailor-made solution that delivered the highest level of operational efficiency alongside unprecedented modularity, iQabinet was able to maintain its market-leading position and expand its customer base.

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