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Strategies to choose Offshore Development Partners

Are you considering outsourcing software development to an offshore team? Choosing the right development partner can take time and effort with many options. But fear not; we're here to help! With the rise of technology and globalization, outsourcing software development has become popular for businesses worldwide.

However, with so many companies offering these services, it can take time to choose the right partner. Several questions might pop into your mind, such as,

  • Whom should you consider partnering with?
  • What qualities make for a good outsourcing software development partner?
  • What measures do they take to ensure the security and confidentiality of our project and data?

We know that you are eagerly awaiting the answers to all these questions, and Guess what? we've compiled a critical checklist to help you make the best decision.

Let's dive in!


What is Offshore Development?

Offshore development refers to the practice of hiring a software development company located in a different country than the client's base. The popularity of offshore development has grown due to the cost savings, wider talent pool, and ability to work round-the-clock by leveraging different time zones.

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Some Critical Challenges of Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore development comes with significant challenges that can affect the success of the outsourcing venture. Here are some critical challenges that businesses face when outsourcing offshore.


Language and Cultural Differences

One of the main challenges of offshore outsourcing is the language and cultural differences between the outsourcing company and the service provider. These differences can lead to communication barriers, misunderstandings, and task completion delays. Cultural differences can also affect the quality of work and the outsourced team's ability to understand the outsourcing company's needs and expectations.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

At Tenup Software, our team understands the power of effective communication. Our extensive years of expertise ensure clarity in every interaction, using language that resonates with your team. Our team is committed to checking for understanding and guaranteeing seamless comprehension.

We value your emotional responses and strive to create a supportive environment. Communicating one idea at a time eliminates confusion and enhances productivity. Let us guide you through the intricacies of international business communication, defining key terms and ensuring seamless collaboration. Choose us as your one-stop offshore development partner and unlock the potential of precise, concise, and impactful communication.

Time Zone Differences

Time zone differences can be a significant challenge when outsourcing offshore. The outsourcing company and the service provider may be in different time zones, making it difficult to schedule meetings and collaborate effectively. The time zone differences can also delay completing tasks, as the outsourced team may not be available when needed.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

At Tenup Solutions, we understand the importance of timely delivery and effective communication and have developed a comprehensive approach to ensure that time zone differences are managed effectively.

We fully embrace virtual processes and project management tools to streamline our operations. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we facilitate smooth communication and efficient project tracking, enabling us to deliver high-quality solutions promptly.

Asynchronous communication plays a vital role in our approach. We prioritize using email, online chat platforms, and video messages (such as Loom videos) to foster effective collaboration without the constraints of time zones. This allows team members to work independently while maintaining clear and concise communication.

When scheduling meetings, we prioritize finding mutually convenient times for all participants, considering the different time zones. We aim to ensure everyone can actively participate and contribute to discussions, fostering a sense of inclusivity and unity.

We strongly believe in treating our team as physically together, regardless of our geographical location. We encourage a supportive and inclusive work culture, fostering camaraderie and trust among team members. Regular virtual get-togethers and team-building activities are part of our strategy to strengthen these bonds and promote collaboration.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

Data security and privacy concerns are other significant offshore outsourcing challenges. The outsourcing company must protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse. The outsourced team must also adhere to data protection laws and regulations in the outsourcing company's home country.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

At Tenup Software, we take data protection and privacy seriously. We prioritize the confidentiality of our client's information by implementing robust security measures. We ensure that all our employees and clients are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Moreover, we are proud to be an ISO-27001 and HIPPA certified company, adhering to international standards for information security management. Our stringent policies and procedures are designed to protect data throughout its lifecycle. We have implemented state-of-the-art tools and technologies that provide an additional layer of security, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of our client's data.

Lack of Control Over the Outsourced Work

One of the challenges of outsourcing offshore is the need for more control over the outsourced work. The outsourcing company may need direct oversight of the work done by the outsourced team, which can lead to quality issues and delays in completing tasks. The outsourcing company must ensure the outsourced team meets its expectations and standards.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

Our team at Tenup understands the importance of maintaining control over outsourced work. It has developed a comprehensive approach to ensure our clients have complete visibility and control over their projects.

The key to overcoming this challenge lies in a well-defined outsourcing contract. At Tenup Software, we understand the importance of clarity in project control. We ensure seamless collaboration and efficient decision-making by clearly outlining the extent of the employee authority in the contract.

Our focus is on transparency & clearly defining decision-making capabilities for the outsourced project. We make it a priority to communicate the terms of the service contract crystal clearly to both your business and our dedicated team. Experience the power of effective collaboration and transparent project management. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your software development outsourcing journey.

Communication Gaps

Communication gaps can occur when outsourcing offshore, leading to misunderstandings and delays in completing tasks. The outsourcing company must ensure clear communication channels and that the outsourced team understands the instructions and requirements. The outsourcing company may need to provide training to the outsourced team on how to communicate effectively.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

At Tenup Solutions, we understand the importance of clear and effective communication and have developed a comprehensive approach to minimize communication gaps. Our approach includes

  1. Clear expectations: We ensure everyone understands project requirements and objectives, leaving no room for confusion.
  2. Language proficiency: Our team members possess strong language skills, enabling effective communication and collaboration.
  3. Early communication channels: We establish communication channels, facilitating smooth information flow and prompt issue resolution.
  4. Customized communication channels: We set up specific channels to address different needs, ensuring efficient and targeted communication.
  5. Project management tools: We provide shared access to advanced tools, enhancing collaboration and streamlining project tracking.
  6. Time gap management: We help you choose an effective strategy, ensuring seamless coordination across different time zones.
  7. Time and effort optimization: We optimize time and effort to maximize productivity, ensuring efficient use of resources and timely project completion.
  8. Meeting frequency: We determine the appropriate frequency of virtual meet-ups, fostering regular communication and progress updates.
  9. Video conferences: We prioritize video conferences over phone calls, enabling face-to-face interaction and strengthening team connections.
  10. Cloud solutions for file sharing: We utilize secure cloud solutions for seamless file sharing and collaboration, ensuring easy access and version control.
  11. Comprehensive documentation: We emphasize the importance of documenting everything, ensuring clarity, knowledge retention, and effective project management.
  12. Feedback utilization: We value feedback as a means of continuous improvement, leveraging it to enhance our services and deliver the best results for your project.

Quality Control

Maintaining quality standards can be challenging when outsourcing offshore. First, the outsourcing company must ensure the outsourced team meets its quality standards and expectations. In addition, the outsourcing company may need to establish quality control procedures and conduct regular audits to ensure the work is of the required quality.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

With a rigorous quality control process (Testcases, Impact analysis, Quality checks, Testing), Tenup ensures that all work is of the highest quality. Our team of experienced project managers oversees each project and ensures all work is completed to a high standard with quality. In addition, they are responsible for providing all project requirements are met, and the result is delivered on time and within budget.

Quality control from development and devops side -

  1. GitFlow source code management and CI/CD: We follow the industry-standard GitFlow approach for efficient source code management. We utilize continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to automate software delivery. This ensures smooth development workflows and faster time to market. Our DevOps infrastructure-as-code (IaS) approach further enhances collaboration and scalability.
  2. Security-focused development: We prioritize the security of your web and mobile applications. Our development process aligns with the OWASP Top 10, a widely recognized list of the most critical web application security risks. We protect your applications and users' data by implementing best practices and rigorous security measures.
  3. Scalable and secure architecture: We design and implement industry-standard architectures to ensure our applications are highly reliable, scalable, and fast. By leveraging proven architectural patterns and frameworks, we create robust and adaptable systems that can handle your growing business needs while maintaining high data protection.
    With our expertise in agile project management methodologies like Scrum or Kanban, we ensure effective collaboration, transparency, and adaptability throughout the development process.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Offshore outsourcing can raise legal and regulatory compliance issues. The outsourcing company must ensure that the outsourced team complies with the laws and regulations of their home country and the outsourcing company's home country. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to legal and financial consequences for the outsourcing company and the outsourced team.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

Tenup thoroughly analyzes our clients' projects' legal and regulatory requirements. This allows us to identify potential issues and develop a plan to address them. Tenup's dynamic work environment helped our team to achieve compliance like HIPPA and PCI. We built our cloud infrastructure to meet the security standards of our customers and the industries that they serve.

Hidden Costs

Offshore outsourcing can come with hidden costs, such as language translation, cultural training, and travel expenses. The outsourcing company must ensure that all costs are considered when determining the outsourcing budget. The outsourcing company should also factor in potential cost overruns and delays in completing tasks when planning for offshore outsourcing.

How Tenup Solves This Challenge?

At Tenup Solutions, we take a transparent and upfront approach to pricing to ensure that our clients clearly understand the costs involved in their projects.

  1. We understand the importance of clear communication, comprehensive research, and risk mitigation regarding offshore development services. That's why we follow these essential guidelines:
  2. Keep track of the documentation to ensure everything is recorded and easily accessible Establish direct communication channels to avoid misunderstandings
  3. Be aware of cultural differences and tailor our approach accordingly - Always conduct thorough research before deciding on a requirement to ensure its feasibility
  4. Flexibility in cost - Tenup provide Flexible pricing that allows businesses to change their pricing strategy in response to changes in demand or other market conditions or as a result of negotiation between buyers and sellers. This type of pricing can help businesses maximize their profits and avoid losses.
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