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One of our most valued clients – a prepaid mobile virtual network operator in the United States with major operations on the West Coast – needed a new solution for its flagship application, Dealers Portal.

The client asked us to develop a new solution with high availability, improved performance, and future-proof scalability

The Business Need

The client started receiving complaints about the performance of its portal. The portal was having problems in operational continuity sometimes it would be fast, and at other times it would slow. This scenario was a nightmare for the dealer and the company, as it could lead to a significant loss of business.


  • The need for drastic improvements to performance and scalability
  • Poor system resilience and unsatisfactory uptime


  • Highly efficient and robust load balancing
  • Enhanced performance with an in-memory data grid
  • Designed a resilient, scalable and highly available storage system

Business Benefits

  • No more customer walkouts
  • Superior scalability
  • Increased revenues
  • Unprecedented scalability
  • Enhanced performance (Apdex 0.5 to 1.0)
  • Reduced maintenance burden


We completed this project ahead of the deadline, successfully updating our client’s flagship SaaS platform to meet the evolving needs of a global customer base. The system is now more robust, highly available, and cost-effective than ever; and it has positioned the company to continue delivering a market-leading service.

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