Building a New Cloud-Native App


Faster statement retrieval


App users are from Manila


Managed uptime SLA

This SaaS startup was creating a platform to collect highly confidential personal documents, and needed top-of-the-line security

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One of our clients – a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup – approached us with an ambitious plan for a new product. The client wanted to develop an enterprise application for managing utilities, bank statements, medical records, and tax papers. It was aiming to create a platform that would enable users to access all of their important information in one secure place, from any location at any time.

The Business Need

  • Seize an opportunity
  • Build a cloud-native, Twelve-Factor compliant app
  • Scale services independently
  • Resilience and Highly Available


  • Scaling the system to import users from Manilla
  • Improve performance of the statement retrieval system
  • High availability of static content and API


  • Designed a matrix-specific active-active node architecture
  • API worker node
  • SRS worker node
  • Provided enterprise-level provisioning with AWS cloud components
  • Self-healing for servers and instance nodes

Business Benefits

  • Scalable and resilient
  • New users, powerful features
  • Cost Effective and low maintenance


With Tenup’s help, the startup has already become one of the leading businesses in its industry. Thanks to our expertise and the power of AWS tools, our client was able to take full advantage of a crucial, time-sensitive opportunity – and it is reaping the benefits of a cutting edge, cloud-native solution to drive further business growth.

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