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Customer Overview

Our customer is a Dutch multinational technology company offering various products and services, including healthcare technology, consumer electronics, lighting, and home appliances. One of their Solution and Service departments wants to reinvent healthcare for billions of people across the globe and build a digital platform (i.e Marketplace). They aspire to create a platform to connect their customers globally with healthcare-focused development companies and expand their reach.

Project Overview

The customer wants to build a digital platform that connects their buyers to partners (healthcare-focused development companies). Their primary goal is to build a successful user-friendly online marketplace that would attract a large number of buyers. The platform would include features such as a listing, easy custom search, simple navigation, and a secure reliable payment system. The platform would also be designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to access the platform from their smartphones and tablets.


  • Registration of New buyers (Not part of their internal customer platform).
  • Login of exiting platform’s user (HSDP, Lumify, ISP, etc) via a different SSO mechanism.
  • Manage buyer onboarding (New/Existing) and their team collaboration.
  • Verification of Valid buyers into the system.
  • Access the marketplace in regional languages.
  • Easy platform to browse and sort through the product catalog to evaluate different sellers.
  • Demo or Try an application at your facility for a trial period.
  • Scrutinize the different buying options like Flat fee, Quantity tiers, Volume based, and Usage-based.
  • Checkout with secure online payments.
  • Easy Installation of an app on the buyer side.
  • Order Management - Billing, Invoicing with Taxation structure as per country.
  • Manage the license of the application within a team.
  • Prompt notification and reminders of system activity.


  • Implemented a Single sign-in process that allows buyers to log in to multiple systems or applications using a single login credential.
  • Easy step-by-step login and onboarding process with the feasibility of Inviting team members with limited access!
  • Integration with 3rd party software to authenticate buyers via verifying email addresses, Company addresses and payment cards of user before boarding any buyer into the system.
  • Auto-detection of buyers' regions to give flawless experience in their regional language.
  • Buyers can easily search for products, compare prices, and make purchases from the comfort of their own homes.
  • An internal team can request the application to their admin on the platform itself as per the approval setup.
  • Buyers have the option to try the application before an actual purchase.
  • Lead/opportunity is captured in multiple scenarios such as Public visitor visiting an application, Buyer activates App trial, requesting for quote, upgrading or new application platform and integrate with 3rd party software i.e Eloqua and Salesforce.
  • Buyers can access a wider range of high-quality products at competitive prices with the required subscription plan such as a one-time purchase, volume-based or usage-based.
  • Integrated the platform with secure payment methods ensuring that transactions are conducted safely and efficiently.
  • Buyers can also track their orders (i.e licenses) and manage their licenses within the team through the platform.
  • Integrated the platform with license and invoice management systems like Gemalto, Sap hana to manage billing, invoicing with regional taxation.
  • Run time notifications to intimate the activity or reminders.


  • Simple to use: A single sign-on login process can save time and increase efficiency for users who frequently access the multiple systems.
  • Improved customer experience: Platform offers a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience for customers.
  • Global reach: The platform allows businesses to reach a wider audience across the globe in multiple languages.
  • Increased efficiency: Platform can provide a streamlined process for buying and reduce the time, cost, and effort required.
  • Enhanced security and trust: The platform provides secure payment methods, tracking of orders, and dispute resolution with their support service.

Technology and Integration

  • SSO
    • SAML
    • OpenID Connect
    • JWT
  • Integration
    • Zuora
    • SAP/HANA
    • Gemalto
    • Salesforce
    • Eloqua
  • Headless CMS
  • Angular
  • Java
  • Spring framework/stack
enterprise marketplace portal


Tenup Software Services has helped the customer to build a digital marketplace that is intuitive and easy to navigate, which leads to increased buyer satisfaction and loyalty. We have automate multiple manual processes like order and payment processing that saved time and reduce the likelihood of errors or delays. The successful outcome of this project is that we brought benefits to our customer with increased transparency, trust, security for transactions, increased efficiency, and improved overall shopping experience.

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