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Customer Overview

Dutch multinational technology company that approaches improving people's health and well-being through meaningful innovation. One of their Solution and Service departments wants to reinvent healthcare for billions of people across the globe and build a platform to connect healthcare-focused development companies (their Partners) with their customers globally.

Project Overview

The customer wants to build a platform that connects their Partners Organisation (Application developers) and Healthcare Marketplace in a new, collaborative way to unlock the potential of innovative applications in healthcare. Their partners are companies with FDA- and CE-certified solutions that aspire to reach of their applications with new healthcare customers. The expectation of this platform is that partners should be onboarded through a clear and thorough process. Partners should work effectively and get on-time intimation in case of any hurdles. Importantly, Partners should be able to manage app curation, the content of the application, the version of the application and commercial offerings with different subscription models.


  • Partner registration and team collaboration that facilitates complex onboarding process
  • Evaluation of Partners with multistage onboarding procedure
  • Enterprise Approval Workflow setup within a different department
  • Curation of Application with content management
  • Managing Updates and Upgrades of Application
  • An offering of a different pricing subscription model as per region/country
  • Prompt Notification to Partner of any important activity
  • Consent and Document Management (Guideline tools)


  • Easy step-by-step login process with the feasibility of Inviting team members with limited access!
  • Defining Enterprise Workflow to Streamline onboarding operations (Automate Partner Evaluation Process, Financial Audit, Company Information, Security, Sustainability, Privacy, Customer Support)
  • Multistage App Curation and Approval Cycle (Software Assessment, Regulatory, Privacy, Commercial Offering, Customer-facing materials, Market content)
  • Manage/Update the content of Apps in different languages. (CMS)
  • Enable Partners to manage and update the content of Applications in multiple languages. (CMS)
  • Manage different types of Subscription models (Flat fee, Quantity tiers, Volume based, Usage-based)
  • Partners are intimated at every stage of the approval process.


  • Better Collaboration with Partners and Smooth Experience
  • Automates Partners On boarding
  • Reduces Internal Resource Demands
  • Increase productivity, reduce errors and Streamline approvals
  • Facilitates Partner’s Self-service
  • Ease of maintenance, including updates and upgrades
  • Increase customer loyalty & strong customer base
  • Scalability & Adaptability

Technology and Integration

  • Angular: V9
  • Java: V8
  • Spring Boot : 2.2
  • ZORA
  • MongoDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • AWS
    • Cognito
    • S3


Tenup Software has helped customer to provide a centralized platform for communication between the business and its Partner’s (Sellers). It bring flexibility to Seller to be onboarded through a thorough process and able to curate their app. Also, they can manage the content, version and commercial offerings of app with different subscription models. By automating certain processes, such as order tracking, and payment processing, a seller management portal has help to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Also it lead to improve visibility, and control, ultimately leading to increased sales and profitability.

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