Future-Proofing an established Marine ERP through microservice architecture


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Modernizing flagship software through microservice architecture

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One of our clients specializes in providing technology services to the maritime and education industries. The company’s flagship solution is an ERP software platform that drives the marine operations of numerous enterprises – both small and large. The goal was to future-proof the product with new and improved functionality.

The Business Need

  • Ability to sell subsets of the product
  • Deploy and upgrade modules independently
  • Scale services independently
  • Resilience and Highly Available


  • Understanding the system and how to divide it
  • Integration between modules/microservices
  • Breaking the foreign key
  • Managing the database and maintaining consistency
  • User accessibility


  • Domain-driven design
  • Clearly defined sync/async operations
  • Handled database relations and ensured long-term consistency
  • Introduced API Gateway
  • IDP (Identity Provider)

Business Benefits

  • Expanded the business via modularity
  • Unparalleled resilience
  • Simplified deployment and upgrade process
  • Enhanced scalability and performance
  • Minimum change to client side code-base
  • Improved team communications


By combining industry best practices with our specialized expertise, we have empowered our client to take their existing product to the next level. Our tailor-made solution is delivering the highest level of operational efficiency alongside unprecedented modularity, enabling the client to maintain its marketleading position and expand its customer base.

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