Why multi-tenant architecture is the key to SaaS success


faster tenant provisioning and boarding


System uptime and resilient


Managed uptime SLA

Revolutionizing Digital Recruitment

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The recruiting process is a critical task for any organization. From our experience working with a wide range of clients and overcoming our own HR challenges, we recognized a gap in the market for a single software product that could streamline the entire recruiting cycle. We developed Tenup Recruit as a one-stop solution to this problem. It not only manages all recruitment-related tasks, but also provides deep insight that enables users to continuously analyze and assess the performance of their recruiting processes – helping organizations of all sizes make datadriven decisions to optimize every step of the recruitment journey.

The Business Need

  • Organized Recruitment Process as SaaS based product
  • 100% digitalization and workflow oriented of the interview process
  • Easy collaboration between stakeholders
  • Notifications and Dashboard for KPI


  • Decide approach on DB level multitenancy
  • How to manage HA and Scalability
  • Handling Timezone
  • How to manage multitenacy at IdP
  • Define Development and Release methodology
  • How to provision new Tenant
  • How to manage storage per subscription


  • Database level multi-tenancy
  • Scalability and high availability
  • Best practices for managing Timezones
  • Implemented IdP for tenants
  • Automate Tenant provisioning and boarding process
  • Developed mechanism to manage tenant storage.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces costs through resource sharing
  • Easily maintainable system
  • Improved Scalability
  • Easier to Upgrade the System


With Tenup Recruit, we have created a robust product that is both high-performing and future-proof, enabling us to deliver a cost effective solution to clients of all sizes. The core of our success with this project lies in its multi-tenant architecture. This design makes it easy for us to manage and scale the system as enterprise recruiting needs evolve, and that flexibility positions us with an unprecedented competitive advantage.

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