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Our client is an award-winning realtor and residential broker from Chicago. They have built a booking application for busy licensed real estate agents who need time with common broker duties. Currently their website and mobile app involves a good number of manual steps in order to find the right sub agent, check availability and assign tasks. In order to meet the growing needs of the business and scale up, the client wanted a solution that provided real-time visibility into other agents feeds and showings, availability and the ability to assign tasks, accept or cancel assigned tasks seamlessly.

The Business Need

  • Automate agent booking based on real-time data
  • Ability to filter property types from MLS property data
  • Gain cross-team visibility for selecting sub-agents
  • Ability to assign sub-tasks, process payments and streamline the workflows
  • For sub-agents the ability to accept or cancel tasks


  • Cloning property data from MLS property data and running cron jobs to update information
  • Filtering property types accurately to fetch the correct MLS property data
  • Managing two booking states – Future and Current, based on scenario provided by client
  • Managing multiple AP integrations and synchronising payment gateways


  • Built a mobile application based on Flutter V3.0 leveraging PostgreSQL
  • API: Spring Boot with JAVA 11
  • Real State API: MLS Grid (for database), Google Map for Maps
  • Payment Gateway Stripe
  • Messaging and Notifications (Firebase)
  • Cloud Hosting: AWS – EC2

Business Benefits

  • Scalable and robust solution with 100% accuracy
  • Eliminated the need for manual processes to find an agent
  • Improved agent communication and booking rates
  • Mobile app improved accessibility and user adoption


Tenup understood the client’s challenges perfectly and used Flutter V3.0 to create the mobile app that is fast, responsive and easy to use. The entire workflow right from finding agents in a specific location to assigning tasks and processing payments was streamlined, eliminating much of the manual involvement that made the process cumbersome. The app in the client’s top agents words “works like a charm. Viewing sub agent feeds, assigning tasks and managing work is effort-less.”

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