Transforming on-premises application for high availability


System High Availability


Time handling more client


Client application provisioning

Allowing New App Features

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One of our USA-based clients has been providing technology services to large organizations since it was founded in 2014. It has expanded since its inception to become a major player in enterprise services. Now, the company’s SaaS-based platform processes an enormous amount of data every day, and serves a huge, geo-separated client base.

The Business Need

  • Authentication and new client provisioning
  • Importance of reliable backend services
  • The danger of the “Split-brain” situation
  • Health monitoring


  • Provide an easy-to-manage and budget-friendly solution
  • Integration with existing system
  • Time-sensitive implementation


  • Active-passive node architecture
  • High availability clustering using ClusterLab
  • Disaster recovery

Business Benefits

  • High availability and redundancy
  • Cost Effective & Easily Maintainable System


We completed this project ahead of the deadline, successfully updating our client’s flagship SaaS platform to meet the evolving needs of a global customer base. The system is now more robust, highly available, and cost-effective than ever; and it has positioned the company to continue delivering a market-leading service.

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