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Unlocking growth opportunities with AWS high availability design

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One of our clients specializes in providing technology services to the maritime and education industries. The company’s flagship product is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, and it engaged Tenup to help prepare the platform for new growth challenges. The first stage of our involvement was enhancing the system’s performance and stability.

The Business Need

  • Importance of the system in daily operations
  • Cascading effect of system failure


  • Integration with existing system
  • Obstacles to high availability


  • Compliant architecture
  • Implemented enterprise-level provisioning
  • Self-healing for servers and node instances

Business Benefits

  • High availability and redundancy
  • Increased performance and security
  • Cost Effective and low maintenance
AWS cloud solutions conclusion


We have provided our client with a way to maintain a highly available system, scale to meet SLAs, and deliver optimized, cost-effective AWS cloud solutions. As a result, adding new clients such as MST is no longer a challenge, and the company can easily meet the evolvingneeds of enterprise customers.

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