COVID 19 – the change pandemic

MAY 18, 2020 | MANSI DESAI

COVID 19 has been the mostly widely discussed topic of 2020 so far and I am sure it is going to be at the top for this year and surely couple of years to come. The kind of change it has brought or rather compelled people to change has been phenomenal. Be it any sector; economy, social, political, educational, industrial – all have changed their way of working.

Amongst the many changes and challenges what draws my attention is the emerging work from home era in India. Indians at large or the work culture in India is accustomed to working in office spaces, be it a typical general shift timings or flexi hours or different shift timings depending on the companies. But working from home as a norm has not been something very common in India earlier. With the covid19 outbreak and the government announcing lockdown as a measure to curb the spread, working from home emerged as the only option for many companies to continue their businesses. Thanks to the technological developments and ready infrastructure that acted as a support system to easily set up the work from home culture.

Well the technology and infrastructure took care of the companies, but the social unrest back home has been another challenge for all the people beginning to work from home. Those with family and specially kids and that too if there are infants or toddlers and with both parents working, with the care taker not able to come, with no help at the house, a different challenge emerges at home.

But as they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. These circumstances have made us stronger, more equipped and more ready to face challenges. Working in ambiguity, working with limited resources at times, taking quick decisions as individuals, managing work and family, we all have achieved that with a smiling face.

“Change with time to be with time” is another thing that I am sure all of us have experienced and realised. I am sure when things normalize; the work from era that has emerged has made a strong presence to entitle it to be included as a practise or a policy.

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HR professional with 13+ years of experience in manufacturing and IT companies. A certified trainer, with an experience of imparting soft skill training in various MNCs, SMEs.

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