Software Engineering

Whatever you need, we can build it. We offer a complete suite of solutions that we can design, develop, and deploy into your operating environment— ASAP

Upgrade Your Applications

Software development skills are rare. Technology team members are overburdened. IT budgets are stretched thin, and can’t make room for internal application development. You know you need to upgrade your stale technologies, processes, and partnerships, but you can’t do it alone. We’re here to build the enterprise software you need to upgrade your growth, efficiency, and product line.

Why Partner with TenUp’s Software Engineers?

We do more than build software. We uncover your true needs. We define all of your functional requirements—the specific actions and features your software must offer—and your non-functional requirements—things like how well your solution will scale and how easy it will be to service.

Then, we design testable solutions that we prove will solve your problems (before we go into production). Once we start building, we follow Agile principles and perform iterative software development to rapidly build risk-free applications. We also follow DevOps, release management, and extensive testing to ensure your product will perform as-promised in the wild. And after your new software goes live, we give you the ongoing maintenance and support you need to enjoy continuous performance, reliability, and improvement.

Our Software Engineering Services


Enterprise Application

We’ll craft unique applications that precisely solve your specific problems. Let us invent new tools that will fit-hand-in-glove with your existing infrastructure


Modernized Software

We’ll replace your legacy systems before they go obsolete. Let us map your current IT stack, find appropriate upgrades, and manage your roll over.


Front-End UI/UX Designs

We’ll improve your users’ experience, productivity, and satisfaction. Let us build interfaces that captivate, inform, and engage your users.


Proof of Concepts

We’ll validate your vision and minimize your development risks. Let us produce a tangible, shareable example of your application idea.


Software Products

We’ll tailor market-leading software to better meet your needs. Let us fine tune your software to drive improved performance, efficiency, and growth


Distributed Applications

We’ll maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure. Let us increase the speed, performance, and availability of your all digital processes.

How it works

1. Design

To start, we’ll collaborate to define your challenges and the appropriate solution, which we’ll design, wireframe, and mock-up.

2. Develop

Then, we’ll follow Agile methodology to rapidly build your solution, work out the bugs, and validate that it works in the real-world.

3. Deliver

Finally, we’ll deploy your solution to production, and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure it continuously delivers the results you need.

Tenup gave us the skills and staff we needed to complete a mission-critical application development and deployment of projects. We wanted to develop the new software on our own but we could not find the talent we needed in the market. Tenup provided the perfect team that reliably drove every step of the project to completion in a manner that exceeded expectations.

Al Rogers: CTO & Founder: Digital Commotion

Schedule a Consultation Meeting to Discuss your Problem

You help us understand your problem and we will work with you to define a right fit solution for you

Reach out to schedule your consultation. We will walk through your entire project, define clear requirements, and set a concrete scope for your solution. We will answer any questions you have, and share some methodologies that will drive your project to success.

We believe that a Solution should either Solve an existing problem or pre-empt the occurence of a new problem. Either ways, we try and envisage current and existing problems to create suitable solutions for a long term benefit for your investments.

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