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How can we help? We offer deep expertise across a wide range of technical topics that you can bring to solve your toughest challenges.

Complex Problems. Simple Solutions.

Bulky legacy technology and infrastructure. Understaffed and overburdened internal IT teams. Poor application development, performance, and security. You know you need to modernize your technology capabilities, but you’re feeling challenged just to keep day-to-day operations running on-time and on-budget. We’re here to help you design and deliver a new technology-driven future for your company.

Why Partner with TenUp’s Consultants?

We dig deep. We develop an intimate understanding of your business and your challenges. We bring a balanced team of engineers, architects, project managers, and designers who will craft a holistic solution to your problems— A friction-free solution that will solve every identified problem, and quickly, easily, and seamlessly integrate into your day-to-day operations. And once we agree on a solution, we stick around to bring it to life. We develop a detailed, practical plan for how to deploy your new services and architecture. When you partner with TenUp, you bring unparalleled skills, processes, and best practices to solve the hardest problems you just can’t quite crack on your own.

Our Consulting Services


Advisory Services

We’ll optimize your operations. Let us find areas to improve your IT group, craft effective solutions, and make sure they roll out effectively.

Unlocking Growth Potential

Application Lifecycle Management

We’ll ensure end-to-end application success. Let us define your need, design the perfect application to fill it, and deploy the end product.

Future-Proofing an ERP

Software Performance Audit

We’ll rapidly upgrade your performance. Let us scour your software ecosystem to uncover simple tweaks that will dramatically improve your output.

Scaling Enterprise SaaS

IT Cost Optimization

We’ll lower your IT overhead. Let us evaluate your current IT environment to find quick-wins and game-changing opportunities to rationalize your spending.

Expanding App Features

Cloud Consulting

We’ll move your infrastructure and workflows into the 21st century. Let us craft a complete Cloud strategy, technology roadmap, and implementation plan.

Building a New Cloud-Native App

Problem & Solution Definition

We’ll solve your biggest business problems. Let us develop a clear picture of your business’ challenges, and how technology might solve them.

Revolutionizing Recruitment

How it works


1. Discover

To start, we’ll learn more about your specific needs, collect any relevant data & documents, and analyse your present state

2. Discuss

Then, we’ll share the problems and opportunities we found, and collaborate to define solutions that can mitigate your problems and capture your opportunities.

3. Documentation

Finally, we’ll package all of the solutions, recommendations, and strategies we created into clear, action-oriented, fully-documented plans to meet your needs.

We knew we had to deploy cutting-edge technology to transform our business, but we didn’t even know where to start. Tenup helped us crisply define our challenges and opportunities, and showed us how enterprise applications could address each. We finally feel confident we’re moving in the right direction, and that we have the right partner to take us there.

Aaron Sperling: CEO & CTO: vFlyer

Schedule a Consultation Meeting to Discuss your Problem

You help us understand your problem and we will work with you to define a right fit solution for you

Reach out to schedule your consultation. We will walk through your entire project, define clear requirements, and set a concrete scope for your solution. We will answer any questions you have, and share some methodologies that will drive your project to success.

We believe that a Solution should either Solve an existing problem or pre-empt the occurence of a new problem. Either ways, we try and envisage current and existing problems to create suitable solutions for a long term benefit for your investments.

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